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Summer’s End

It’s the equinox. Up here in the hills, they’re cutting the rice, burning stubble in the fields that makes the mountains hazy and layered. Fruit ripens on the trees, the grocery store is fragrant with grapes and crisp nashi pears. … Continue reading

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swan lake

It feels like it’s been a long winter, here in Shimosuwa. The high hillsides are still white, the distant mountains snowtopped, and nights fall far enough below freezing to film the glass doors with a frosting of ice. Having a … Continue reading

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changes & changing

I bought a new camera bag recently. There was nothing wrong with my old bag, really, but the hip strap no longer fits around my expanding girth and I needed something to carry my gear around Hong Kong in, while … Continue reading

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in the mist

Nikon D700. 1/8 at f40, 220mm, ISO 800. Rainy weekends sometimes seem like a disappointment: there are no bright sunrises, no light streaming through the trees, no mountain peaks reaching up into the sky. But grey skies make colours more … Continue reading

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Myoshin-ji Morning

Taken with my trusty old Nikon D700 just after sunrise at Myoshin-ji Temple in Kyoto last weekend. 1/60 at f11, 35mm, ISO400. We’d spent the night at Torin-ji, one of the sub-temples at Myoshin-ji, and woke early enough to explore … Continue reading

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these days

Winter here is white, up in the hills, though we’ve had our share of snow in town as well. I’ve been out exploring, gathering stories, making photographs, learning things. I’ve been using my snowshoes and even when I’m in town, … Continue reading

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September, Matsumoto

 September. The air is hot, humid, almost tropical, damp and soft and warm against my skin, and full of the sound of cicadas. I didn’t think I’d be back here now. I wasn’t sure I’d come back here to live … Continue reading

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