signs of spring

It’s been grey all week. The weather forecast calls this white cloud, grey cloud, and sometimes tantalizes us with elusive “sunny periods”. I’ve been busy writing travel articles about places in other countries and working on things for the future, but I’ve been desperate to get out with my camera.

But with the sun refusing to cooperate, the beautiful Oxford landscape and the city with its dreaming spires look as flat and grey as the sky. Not ideal for the travel and landscape photography I mostly shoot.

I went out anyway. And found signs of spring, everywhere.

Snowdrops and crocuses and my favourite, winter aconite.

Like sunshine on the ground.

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4 Responses to signs of spring

  1. ann bayly says:

    Absolutely can’t believe the difference in one month. Deep winter and snow — spring flowers and hope.

  2. Gorgeous photos, Skye!! And I didn’t know that you write for Japan Times!!!! You’re famous! :D Your photos from Japan are so serene. What a wonderful trip you had! I have never been to Tsugamo and didn’t know much about it until I read your article. You’ve done so much research and it’s beautifully written! It definitely made me want to visit Tsugamo. Your article made me homesick in a good way. Your article reminded me that when my husband and I were dating many years ago while my husband lived in Tokyo for 4 months, we made a couple of trips to one of the places recommended by a foreign writers on Japan Times like you! Thanks for your work!

    • camillaskye says:

      I’m glad you liked my article. Usually, my travel pieces are more emotional and less historical, but if even the historical ones make you want to go somewhere, I feel like I’m succeeding in some little way. Thank you.

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