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changes & changing

I bought a new camera bag recently. There was nothing wrong with my old bag, really, but the hip strap no longer fits around my expanding girth and I needed something to carry my gear around Hong Kong in, while … Continue reading

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in the mist

Nikon D700. 1/8 at f40, 220mm, ISO 800. Rainy weekends sometimes seem like a disappointment: there are no bright sunrises, no light streaming through the trees, no mountain peaks reaching up into the sky. But grey skies make colours more … Continue reading

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signs of spring

It’s been grey all week. The weather forecast calls this white cloud, grey cloud, and sometimes tantalizes us with elusive “sunny periods”. I’ve been busy writing travel articles about places in other countries and working on things for the future, … Continue reading

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off the starting blocks

I envy writers whose lives you fall immediately into, heavy and hot and breathless. You know how they feel and think and they let you in, completely, to their world. Me? I’ve always been a watcher. I stand at the … Continue reading

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where i live

I said before that home is a pause, a resting place, a spot where I gather myself for the next jump. At home it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day of living, caught up in a … Continue reading

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from the ground up

Trying to find a balance between creativity and making a living is sometimes difficult when creativity is your way of making a living. There’s a fine line to tread there. Some days it’s easier than others. Some days, though, you … Continue reading

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home from the north country

Home is the bouncing off point, the moment when my foot hits the ground between landing and leaping. Home is a place to spring off from. I feel I’m always coming back from somewhere. I’ve been out of the country … Continue reading

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